The first virtual CARD with which the territory contributes to the cost of your flight

The first virtual card with infinite real advantages, the world of cards evolves and becomes 3.0: CARDIT is born today, an App designed for customers and tourists to be used on a circuit of shops and exhibitors participating in the program.

no more physical or POS cards:

Now an Account with Login and Password is enough for customers to make purchases at the stores associated with CARDIT.

Each transaction generates credits that can be converted into discounts for the customer, to be used for the purchase of new services or as a deferred discount on the services already purchased by the V / s Toir Operator.

Traveling has never been so DISCOUNTED

CARDIT is a project that involves all the players in the tourism sector of a specific territory, thus creating a real natural, but at the same time virtual, commercial center.

Customers who purchase products and services such as a flight, are given a Login and Password code to access the CARDIT system at the associated stores in the place of destination.

In this way, if a customer on vacation buys services and products (rental, boat, restaurant dinner, clothes, etc.) from an operator that is part of the CARDIT circuit, he accumulates credits that will be paid back in the form of discounts on his next purchases. or as a deferred discount on services already purchased.