Our Resort

In the respect of the environment our “Dammusi” and the facilities of the Resort are all environmentally friendly. For years, we have been committed to offering our customers high-quality, environmentally friendly facilities that minimise environmental impact. All the houses, in addition to being made with local stone, of volcanic origin, are designed to achieve as much energy savings as possible, without damaging nature in any way or disfigure the landscape. Also, full energy independence, thanks to solar thermal panels and photovoltaic systems.
In 2021 we obtained ISO 14001 certification.

The daily towels’ change doesn’t respect the environment and pollutes it through the consumption of energy, water and detergents. Our hotel exclusively uses ecological detergents. Moreover, the environment must be protected and kept clean, even by saving electricity, water and detergents- towels are only washed when they are actually dirty. The environment will thank you.

The appartements are made inside the ancient Dammusi: which are available in different variations: 2 to 6 beds. They are all equipped with kitchenette or kitchen, dining area, bathroom, air conditioning, Sky TV, hairdryer, safe; furnished and furnished with taste.

There are also Dammusi Suite with private pool (from 2 to 6 beds) a Dammuso “Suite De Luxe/Exclusive” with private pool (max 6 beds) Dammusi Suite with a mini pool “hot tub” and an exclusive use or Junior Suite with sharing pool with only 2/4 people.

In the eight hectares surrounding the Resort, nature has remained untouched. Among the ancient dry-stone walls, are wisely cultivated vineyards of Zibibbo (UNESCO heritage), caper plants and olive trees centenarians.

The access road, being terminal, guarantees total privacy.
The privileged location (we are at 900mt. from the sea, at an altitude of 100mt.), offers guests an enchanting view and guarantees a priceless silence.

The strategic location of the Resort allows tourists to easily reach all the most fascinating places of Pantelleria:
Along the coast: Nikà, Balata dei Turchi, Martingana, Cala Levante, Gadir, Punta Spadillo. Inside the island: the lake Mirror of Venus, the valleys of Monastero and Ghirlanda.

On the mountain: the paths between the woods of Montagna Grande and Monte Gibele.
The Resort is just over 1 km from the marina of Scauri, only 2.5 km from the village of the same name and 8 km from the center of Pantelleria.

We of the “Dammusi Sciuvechi Resort” care about the environment and therefore we have installed an environmental management system compliant with the UNE-EN ISO14001:2015 certification.

The main reason that leads us to take this step, is the commitment we have made to our customers and the island…

Commitment with our customers, because we believe that the quality of the stay can be implemented even enjoying a high quality of air, water and landscape that surrounds the Dammusi.

Engagement with Pantelleria, because the island was decreed National Park in 2016, and we all have to help maintain that situation. The beauty of its natural environment is due to ecosystems and fragile natural value, because in the islands resources are limited.

Our commitment to protecting and respecting the environment is governed by the hotel’s environmental policy:

  • Continuous identification of the environmental aspects generated by the activities of the hotel, to be able to include them among environmental objectives to be achieved.
  • Always implement according to current environmental legislation and regulations and according to additional regulations set by the hotel.
  • Work to establish a system of continuous improvement and prevention of contamination.
  • To control and reduce the use of products with a negative environmental impact, provided that it is technically and economically feasible.
  • Reduce the amount of waste generated and enhance the selective collection of waste for possible reuse or recycling.
  • Achieve a reduction in energy and water consumption, in a progressive way, by selecting the cleanest and most environmentally friendly technological solutions.
  • Increase the use of renewable energy (solar panels, etc.).
  • Collaborate with public authorities to establish some emergency procedures.

With these principles, we claim that the objectives we set ourselves as a hotel are reflected both in the consciousness of our employees, as architects of the aforementioned actions, and among our suppliers, that will be made aware of the environmental management system to collaborate in order to achieve the common objectives, thus generating a multiplier effect and expanding the area of intervention.